Five Song Suffragettes singers covered the No. 1 song in country music during a show at the Listening Room recently. Watch this tribute to Kelsea Ballerini, a #LetTheGirlsPlay supporter.

Julie Cole, Lena Stone, Kalie Shorr, Jenny Ray and Amber Delacruz sing “Dibs," adding plenty of their own interpretive elements. The acoustic version is high energy, playful and as much fun as the studio version of Ballerini’s second chart-topper.

The five girls begin the song together, harmonizing an impromptu intro before Shorr takes the first part of the first verse. Stone and Ray quickly join in before the entire group sings the first chorus, celebrating the “Hey!” Throughout the rest of this jam they all take turns with the flirty love song. Finally, Shorr closes, bringing an enormous round of applause from a packed crowd. "Dibs" is Ballerini's second single from her debut album, The First Time, released in 2015.

The #LetTheGirlsPlay movement began in response to the struggles female artists have been having over the course of the last several years in getting traction in country music, both as artists and in the songwriting side of the business. Taste of Country is proud to be a supporter, sharing a cover from the live shows once each week and spotlighting an individual performer once every month.

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