Steadfast friendship is something Kelsea Ballerini is leaning on while currently walking through a raw and transitional season of life.

One friendship the singer particularly cherishes is with fellow country singer Carly Pearce. Together, for ten years, they’ve journeyed through the good, bad and ugly of life and the curve balls it can throw.

“We watched each other get our record deals, we watched each other get our first No. 1s, we watched each other have failed singles, we watched each other fall in love,” Ballerini tells Taste of Country. “We’ve watched each other go through every season of life.”

Now, together they walk through Ballerini's recent divorce ... something Pearce doesn’t just empathize with, she’s lived it.

“It’s very nice to be able to say, 'No no — I actually know,'” Pearce says. “'I don’t think you’re going to be ok — I know.'”

For Ballerini, it's a silver-lining moment in the midst of unfortunate situations.

“I just think to have someone in a very similar position in life, go through the same things,” she shares. “It's just nice to have a friend.”

With relationships at the forefront of her mind, the singer has recently taken the time to refine and reflect on what that role in her life means to her.

“I think I used to have this narrative in my head that women supporting women meant that you had to be best friends with everyone — and that’s just never going to happen…not reality,” she expresses. “That doesn’t mean that you can’t support everyone!”

It just means that having a few close, solid friends, those who will be with you through whatever mountain or valley your journey takes you on, is something to cherish.

“I’ve re-navigated that in my mind now,” she shares. “I’m like, I have less artist friends than I’ve ever had in my life, but I have really genuine friendships.”

Her genuine friendships are the unexpected joy to come out of a rollercoaster year.

“I’ve always known I’ve been lucky to have like true, true wonderful female friendships in my life, but this year in particular — that’s what I will, like on Thanksgiving, be grateful for this year…my friends,” Ballerini shares.

Ballerini plans to turn the reflections she's been sifting through into music. It’s medicine for her.

“I started writing songs when I was 12, and it was a catalyst from my parent’s divorce, so it’s always just been how I process my life,” she shares. “The really good, beautiful things, and the hard things to deal with and feel. Even on my record, it’s a processing album. You hear me process 26 to 28…and I’ve had a lot to process since. So, I’m writing a lot.”

Ballerini took the stage Wednesday (Nov.9) night during the 2022 CMA Awards, performing her song “You’re Drunk, Go Home” alongside Pearce and Kelly Clarkson.

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