Kenny Chesney's 'American Kids' video features a crazy fun psychedelic school bus, which sets the tone for a lighthearted and spirited music video -- the perfect imagery for an upbeat summertime song.

Filmed in the southern California desert, the clip centers on Chesney and a group of youthful friends letting loose on the bus. There's dancing, tambourines, singing and a whole lot of fun happening throughout. Chesney looks at home and relaxed with his guitar, with plenty of beautiful girls around to keep a smile on his face.

'American Kids' isn't a music video with a storyline, but rather, a spirit -- and it's exactly what the singer had in mind.

"The spirit of this thing -- the song, the bus, the idea of the kids riding around, having fun, playing music and just celebrating life – makes you want to get involved," Chesney tells ET. "Fun is where and how you make it. Out in the sun with a bunch of friends – and the people who work on my videos have been making them with me for more than a decade – even buckets of paint and a bus that needs to be covered can give you a reason to have fun."

“If I could create a video where it wasn’t so literal, but more about the state of mind and the freedom my fans embrace, then to me, that’s the best way to capture the song on film,” he explains. “Anyone, everyone who’s ever been glad they’re alive… they’ll take one look at this and know.”

Chesney is currently working on his sixteenth studio album. He admits it's taken quite a bit of work; he actually wrote an entire album and threw it away before settling on the material for the upcoming record.

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