Kenny Chesney is hard at work on his forthcoming album, but even tried-and-true country stars like him sometimes have difficulty coming up with their material. He admits that during the process of his new record, he actually tossed a whole album of material away.

"We're in the mixing process now, so that's exciting," he tells Rolling Stone. "I've been in here since October of last year, and we're still in there…. I made a whole record and mixed it and threw it away. We've got a better record now for it."

Although the title of the project as well as release date are still unannounced, Chesney gave his fans an exciting surprise with a preview of 'American Kids,' which will drop June 20. The song was like love at first sight (or rather, first listen) for Chesney. “When I heard it, I knew I was gonna cut it,” says the singer. “It was unlike anything I’d ever heard -- and I listen to a lot of songs. The rhythms, the images, the way the melody moved … It just grabs you and holds on, but even more importantly, it feels really good.”

Chesney's new album (which is speculated to be released on Sept. 30 due to an ominous tweet from the singer), is a follow up to 'Life on a Rock.' That album debuted at No. 1 but was his first album to not be certified Gold.

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