You don't have to be an optimist to see the silver lining in the recent news about Kevin Costner and his future on Yellowstone.

It came from ET, who relies on an unnamed source close to the production in saying that the actor, who plays John Dutton, will not return after Season 5 of Yellowstone (no timetable for that return).

This is a small tweak on a rumor dogging Costner and Paramount as they try to finish the season.

  • Part 1 of Season 5 wrapped in January.
  • Part 2 was set to begin this summer, but Costner's contract dispute has held up production.
  • Costner reportedly makes $1.3 million per episode of Yellowstone.

Other outlets have used unnamed sources to suggest Costner won't be back. ShowBiz411 went as far as to say his character will die during the season (it's important to remember that neither Costner nor Paramount has commented officially). The Dutton Rules podcast team has explored the rumors aggressively since Deadline's story broke last winter.

At times, the rumors contradict themselves: For example, some have reported that Taylor Sheridan hasn't even started writing Season 5, Pt. II because he's not sure if Costner will be back. That seemingly makes it impossible for someone to know he's going die.

So, that's your grain of salt warning. Now for the sunshine:

A source close the production saying Costner will not return after Season 5 is simultaneously confirming he's going to be involved in the rest of Season 5. This suggests movement on negotiations between Costner and Paramount, which will lead to script writing, filming and (eventually) the airing of the final episodes of Season 5.

For the uninitiated: Deadline reported that Costner and Paramount couldn't agree on how many days he'd be required to be on set to film the second half of Season 5 of Yellowstone. He has other professional commitments now, and multiple people have told Taste of Country that's made him less present on set.

Add to this complicating factors from his personal life: On Tuesday (May 2), his wife Christine Baumgartner filed for divorce.

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