Kevin Fowler's 'Guitars and Guns' is a toe-tapping, fiddle-heavy track from his 'How County Are Ya?' album. In this exclusive video, the Texas-based singer explains the process it took to write this "guy's anthem," and fans (guys and gals) can listen to the full version below.

Fowler was hanging out on the coast with musician Cody Johnson when, all of a sudden, inspiration struck. The Texas singer said, "We need to write a song about guys like us. What are the two things we have in common? Guitars and guns."

And so, with a catchy title and a lot of experience, a song was born! The 'Guitars and Guns' track is one of fifteen Taste of Country will be debuting in the days leading up to the ‘How Country Are Ya?’ release on March 4. Check back regularly -- you'll be able to hear the whole album and get the details behind each song.

Listen to Kevin Fowler, ‘Guitars and Guns’