Kevin Fowler's catchy No. 1 hit 'How Country Are Ya?' languished, as the singer couldn't get past the chorus and the "Yep" that comes between each lyric. In this video exclusive to Taste to Country, Fowler shares how two members of Blackjack Billy moved the title track along during the songwriting process. Fans can also listen to the song in its entirety below.

Earl Dibbles, Jr. introduces 'How Country Are Ya?.' It's the first song on the album and Fowler's tenth No. 1 on the Texas Music Charts. Noll Billings and Rob Blackledge co-wrote the song with Fowler, helping him with each verse once he introduced the chorus.

'How Country Are Ya?' -- the album -- is in stores on March 4.

Listen to Kevin Fowler, 'How Country Are Ya?'