Kevin Fowler is coming off a multi-week No. 1 on the Texas charts with his song 'Hell Yeah, I Like Beer,' but is now looking ahead to the first release from his new album, 'Chippin' Away.' Fowler is impacting radio with 'That Girl,' which has already become a fan favorite live. The song was penned by Fowler and fellow Texan singer-songwriter Trent Willmon, as well as Clint Ingersoll.

"'That Girl' was Clint's idea," Willmon reveals to Taste of Country. "Clint has written a bunch of songs with Kevin, and we both have been friends with Kevin for many years. We've both been out to Kevin's ranch in Texas to write quite a bit. We've written some great songs together. I started writing with Kevin, probably at least eight years ago. It was a long time ago when I first started writing with Kevin. With Kevin, I also wrote 'Daddies and Daughters' that I put on my album, and it's also on his new album."

"'That Girl' we wrote here at my house in Nashville," Willmon continues. "Clint's the melody guy. He's an amazing guitar player and an amazing writer. I don't know if the song came from any personal experience, but you know how it is ... when you're hanging out with your buddies, and that girl shows up at the party."

"Sunset by the lake / It looked just like a dream / My world stopped on a dime / When she hopped out of that Jeep / All my buddies said / 'Boy don't waste your time / She's out of your league' / But I was out of my mind," they wrote in in the song's opening verse.

"She drives up, and all your buddies just go, 'Holy cow! Who's that?!'" Willmon says with a grin. "That's where 'That Girl' came from, that idea."

"That girl, barefoot in a sundress / Top down, hair in a wild mess / Sweet smile, singing to the 'Summer of 69' / That girl, just a little crazy / Green eyes, sweet child of Dixie / Everything I ever hoped I'd find / That girl," Fowler sings in the chorus.

"It was kind of a fantasy song," notes Willmon. "She was a fantasy girl."