'The Girls I Go With' from Kevin Fowler's forthcoming record 'How Country Are Ya?' is a based off the saying 'that's good enough for the girls I go with,' and in this video exclusive, Fowler shares a warning about the song with fans -- and it'll only heighten your desire to hear it.

Fowler is clearly head over heels with the track, admitting that he wants to bust a move along with singing it. So, why does he want to dance when he hears 'The Girls I Go With'? According to the Texan singer, "It is catchy catchy catchy."

It's so catchy, Fowler gives a warning: "It gets in your ear and you can't stop singing it over and over."

This track is one of 15 Taste of Country will be debuting in the days leading up to the ‘How Country Are Ya?’ release on March 4. Be sure to check back regularly for more exclusive video clips, songs, and stories behind the tracks. In the meantime, make sure to pre-order Fowler's album here.

Listen to Kevin Fowler, 'The Girls I Go With'

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