There's nothing like a singalong in the car — especially if you're singing to country radio. With a back seat that's really more like a stage, 5-year-old Camryn belts out a Blake Shelton song while wagging her finger and donning a giant bow! It's hilariously adorable.

Even though Shelton's "Lonely Tonight" is a duet, Camryn handles all the parts herself — and adds a little sass! She playfully eyes the camera while singing the lyrics in her sweet accent. Camryn may not know all the words, but with a face that cute, and a bow that big, who cares? She stole our hearts in a matter of moments.

The little girl is no stranger to back seat singing, and when the chorus hits, her performance gets even more adorable. She wags her finger as she sings, "We don't have to be lonely tonight." Camryn only takes a small breath before switching from Shelton's part to Ashley Monroe's higher notes.

Watch the entire back seat cover of Shelton's "Lonely Tonight" above and just try not to smile — we dare you.