It seems like everyone is drunk on Brett Eldredge's love — even this toddler. The little boy, presumably named Rivers, per his T-shirt, can't get enough of the Eldredge hit "Drunk on Your Love," belting it out for the camera.

The country star's song is an earworm that just won't stop. It doesn't matter your age, because clearly anyone is susceptible to becoming infected by the tune. Rivers is a blond, curly haired cutie that loves Eldredge, and the song, as much as the rest of us.

In the cute clip from Instagram, the mini-fan sings the chorus as loud as he can with a spoon as a microphone. Eldredge caught wind of the clip and couldn't help but share it with his fans, writing, "Ummm Rivers, we've never met, but I love your version of my new single 'Drunk on your Love.'"

Check out the short clip of Rivers belting out "Drunk on Your Love" above.