"Jolene" is one of Dolly Parton's signature songs, and it's been covered countless times since it was released back in 1973. This cover by the very talented Alexandra Kay has to be one of our favorites, though. Her version of the song is spot on, and her voice will amaze you!

In this clip, Alexandra Kay is backed by an acoustic guitar as she sits on a chair waiting to impress her viewers with her voice. She can carry a tune just like Parton, even putting in inflections similar to the country music legend and offering an astounding spin on the 40-year-old song.

With a toss of her hair, Kay begins the song and immediately impresses with the effortless nature of her voice. The young woman sings with a twang that may not be as thick as Parton's, but fits the song perfectly. This isn't Kay's only cover on YouTube, "Strawberry Wine" is another one that's bound to impress.

Watch Alexandra Kay sing "Jolene" in the video above and prepare to be blown away by her beautiful voice.

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