Being a teenager means battling self esteem issues while trying to figure out your hopes and dreams. It's a confusing time, but 13-year-old Sarah Hardwig has already figured out her goal: she wants to be a country singer!

When Hardwig — who is blind — was only nine years old, she did something very brave. She brought he love of music to a kindergarten class, singing a song that really spoke to her. Accompanied only by Chris Anderson on guitar, she covered the Band Perry's "All Your Life" for the class.

With an attentive audience in front of her, Hardwig prepped herself for the song. In the video, Anderson begins strumming the guitar before Hardwig's small voice comes out. Her singing grows more confident with every word and the class remains silent, listening to the beautiful song by TBP. At the end, the 5-year-olds clapped for her while her guitar player beams with pride.

The Band Perry isn't the only cover Hardwig does on her father's YouTube channel — she also covers Kelsea Ballerini, Carrie Underwood, Chris Young and many more. Check out Hardwig's version of "All Your Life" above.

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