Taylor Swift's hit 'Picture to Burn' from her eponymous album is the perfect revenge song, and most females can probably relate to its emotionally-hyped lyrics. Although we can't really think of much a little girl would need revenge for (perhaps a stolen teddy bear?), this absolutely adorable and spunky tike named Kylee really shows off her fiery personality during her cover of 'Picture to Burn.'

Sporting a pink tank top, electric guitar, and a perfect amount of toddler chub, Kylee's appearance screams 'cute,' but her sassy demeanor takes the cake. She sings. She struts. She tosses her hair Swift-style and glares at the camera. If Swift ever needs help in taking revenge on a few former boyfriends, Kylee would probably be the perfect partner in crime -- as long as it's before her bedtime.

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