When Kimberly Kelly wanted to shoot an acoustic video for her new song, "Prayer and a Six Pack," she decided to keep it real by recording the special rendition in a church.

The Texas native kept it simple in the performance above, performing seated in a wooden pew, her voice bouncing around the room as she's accompanied by a guitarist. "Prayer and a Six Pack" touches on some of the classic themes of country music in its honesty.

"I ain't lost / If you wanna know where I'm at / And I ain't gone / But if there was a dot on the heartbreak map / I'd be in the middle of closer to over you / And throwing just a few more back / I guess I'm somewhere between a prayer and a cold six pack," she sings in the clip above, which is debuting with Taste of Country today.

Kelly released two independent records in Texas, and she released her new EP, Don't Blame It on Me, in August. "Prayer and a Six Pack" is from that project, and she feels a strong connection to the song, although she did not write it.

"'Prayer and a Six Pack" was one of the first songs pitched to me when I started looking for songs for my EP," she explains. "It hit so well on the two ways I usually deal with things in my life — I pray about things, journal, talk to God, or sometimes if I feel that's not workin' quick enough, I'll go have a beer with my friends and put myself through listening to some sad country songs at the bar. The publisher said the song had been around for years and she'd tried to convince others to record it, but I like to think maybe it found its home with me."

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