In all of his years of touring, Kip Moore thought he had seen it all. But he had never experienced anything quite like a recent flight that he feared might go down.

“I had a travel day from hell today,” Moore admits during a recent radio interview with WGNA-FM. “It was brutal. It was the first time I ever felt like my plane was going to crash.”

The Georgia native appeared to imply that his flight hit turbulence on the way to a show in Albany, N.Y., leaving everyone on board a bit on edge.

“It was pretty panicky,” Moore recounts. “People kinda shouting. It was a panicky feeling.”

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When asked if he had tried to calm the people around him down, Moore simply laughs.

“I was calming myself down,” says the multi-platinum singer-songwriter, who recently released the official music video for his current single, “She’s Mine.”

“It was my first time in a situation like that," he adds. "I’ve flown probably 2000 flights, so, you know.”

He didn’t text anyone during the incident to let them know what was going on.

“I still haven’t figured out how to text up in the sky,” Moore says with a chuckle.

Fans don’t often hear about the grueling nature of touring, whether it's the late-night bus rides, the early morning flights or the sheer lack of nights spent in one's own bed.

“People see the glitz and the glamour side of it, but I’m beat,” Moore confesses. “Since the beginning of June, I have slept in my bed seven times.”

Moore is currently on the third leg of his Room to Spare: Acoustic Tour alongside special guests including Tucker Beathard, Devin Dawson and Kylie Morgan.

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