With 'Beer Money,' the new single from Kip Moore's 'Up All Night' album, the singer takes aim at the heart of country America. Those who never quite figured out what to do with 'Somethin' 'Bout a Truck' will quickly find themselves head-bobbing and mumbling along with the catchy chorus of this radio-friendly track.

'Beer Money' is a safe choice for the next single. It's unlikely Moore will face much resistance on his way up the charts with this song. The structure is more familiar, and he relies on an easy to remember chorus and familiar sentiment instead of the edgy guitar groove of the revealing first single.

"So come on, come on / Baby, I'm buying / I got enough to last us all night and / You got the kiss that tastes like honey / And I got a little beer money," he sings. "Tonight, Tonight / Baby, we're drinkin' / Lets wake the town that never stops sleeping / You got the kiss that tastes like honey / And I got a little beer money."

There are sharper songs on the album, but every roller-coaster has a moment in the middle to let you catch your breath before the next climb or freefall. What takes this song past ordinary is Moore's grave vocals and story-telling ability. It's becoming cliche to compare a singer to Bruce Springsteen, but sonically the 32-year-old comes closer than anyone in Nashville. He's not tackling social issues like the Boss, but his material is honest and straightforward.

"In a field, where we can scream / Get away with almost anything / Yeah, every now and then you gotta raise a little hell / Hope we get lucky and stay out of jail," Moore sings to close the second verse.

The newcomer is a sharp writer with a unique voice and the resolve to record only what he feels. That's second or third album confidence you hear on 'Beer Money.'

3.5 Stars

Listen to Kip Moore, 'Beer Money'

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