Kip Moore's signature red hat is as much a part of his look as George Strait's Resistol or Zac Brown's beanie. Important style decisions often come after hours of discussion and many meetings with fashion consultants. For Moore the look came after a trip to the beach.

The 'Hey Pretty Girl' singer tells Taste of Country he got the ball cap after a trip to Folly Beach, S.C. It's a favorite surf spot for the Georgia native. The rarely-seen front side of the lid has the logo for McKevlin's Surf Shop in Folly Beach.

"I just love Folly Beach and and I'm down there surfing and threw the hat on one day and wore it that night for a show and it just kinda stuck ever since," he says. "It wasn't something that was so much premeditated. But after I started seeing people showing up to shows wearing the backwards red hat I said 'Well … I think I'm gonna keep rockin' it.'

Moore's casual style (t-shirt and jeans are his award show duds) didn't always sit well with others. "I can say this," Moore says, clearly holding back a better story. "People were against my attire that I wear now early on. And I basically said 'I'm going to be me at all times. I'm not gonna have to try to put on a front,' and I've always been that way. I live my life the way I live it and write the songs I wanna write. I'm never gonna have a put-on for anybody."

Want proof? He only has one red hat. "If I lose it I guess I'm screwed."

Maybe not. McKevlin's sells them for about $16.

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