Kip Moore recently wrapped up his Wild Ones headlining tour, on which he played for sold-out crowds of thousands throughout many of his tour stops in the U.S. Along the way he'd meet his fans each night ... and some were more enthusiastic than others.

In a recent post to social media, the "Running for You" singer shared a less-than-excited fan photo, and it's hilariously adorable.

"Always excited to meet the fans on the road. Sometimes they are not as excited to meet me…" Moore captioned.

The photo shows a young girl trying to hide behind her father while taking a photo with the star. While Moore and the father have a smile on their faces, the girl looks as if she's about to cry. It's a unique photo of a fan meet and greet, as Moore has had his share of overzealous fans. The singer appeared on The Talk on Feb. 22 and shared with co-hosts Sharon Osbourne and Julie Chen a recent incident that left him with a chipped tooth.

“A girl was really excited,” he recalls of that particular show. “I think she had a little bit too much to drink and she rushed the stage and I actually had my eyes closed when it happened. I was singing with my eyes closed and all of a sudden I felt the mic slam into my mouth and it chipped the bottom of my tooth.”

Adds the singer, “But you know what? It adds character. Now I’ve got stories.”

Moore clearly wasn’t angry about the situation. Instead, he gave the fan a hug and when bouncers rushed the stage, he told them everything was fine. “She said, ‘I love you’ and I said, ‘You could have thought of a better way to show it,'” he explains.

Moore heads to Australia this March before returning to the U.S. for several festival dates and Miranda Lambert's Keeper of the Flame Tour.

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