Who doesn't love a pretty girl? Any guy with a heartbeat and a functioning set of eyeballs loves to look at a pretty girl. In Kip Moore's video for the heartfelt ballad, 'Hey Pretty Girl,' Moore sings the song and plays his guitar in serious, thoughtful fashion, while footage of couples clinging to one another, staring into each other's eyes and dancing flash on the screen. 

The video is somewhat non-linear and is built on the concept that beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, whether she is young, gorgeous and full of life, or if she is elderly, contemplative and full of a life that has already been lived.

Generations of pretty girls are shown as part of the narrative footage.

Pretty girls can also be the females born of one's love with a pretty lady, too. Clearly, the concept of a pretty girl is broad and far-reaching.

It's a contemplative, sweet video that'll make you appreciate the pretty girl in your life. It's simple and relies on little more than the faces of those who populate the clip.