Kip Moore’s fans will recognize his new single ‘I’m to Blame,’ and not just because he’s been playing it live for several years.

The two-minute-and-change song serves as a mini-biography for Moore. He’s a deep thinker with a fire that burns nuclear. He’s also old enough to look back on his mistakes with some clarity.

If it ain’t broke, you can bet that I’m gonna break it / If there’s a wrong road, I’m damn sure gonna take it / Where there's smoke, my pocket lighter sparked the fire / Where there’s blue lights, just read me my rights,” Moore sings to open the song.

Few singers come across as passionate as this Georgia native does in every song he releases to radio. His last two singles (‘Young Love’ and ‘Dirt Road’) didn’t chart well, but that wasn’t due to any lack of passion or sincerity. His early career resembles that of Eric Church.

No, they don't make guys like me, you get exactly what you see / I come from a long line of bloodline that ain’t gonna change / So, take your pistol-pointing finger right off of the trigger / I know where to aim, hell, I’m to blame,” he cries out during each chorus.

Producer Brett James’ pounding arrangement adds urgency to Moore’s message. The song is the shortest release in recent memory — one imagines a roaring guitar solo somewhere near the bridge when he plays it live. Its success will depend on if casual radio listeners have time to attach themselves to the message.

Why Fans Will Love It: The song is a window into Moore's personality. He's fiery -- even angry at times. But he's harder on no one than himself.

Key Lyrics: "So, take your pistol pointing finger right off of the trigger / I know where to aim, hell, I’m to blame"

Did You Know?: Co-writer Westin Davis is good friends with Moore. He also regularly writes with Thompson Square's Keifer Thompson.

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