Kip Moore has been a lot of places and met a lot of people, and he shows a splice of his adventures in the "More Girls Like You" video.

The country singer spent some downtime traveling the world earlier this year, and a three-minute music video directed by PJ Brown captures Moore relaxing in Costa Rica and hanging with locals. Moore talks to intro the clip, sharing what he's learned about fathers and their relationship with their children.

"I've been traveling the whole world and that's the one constant that you see: a dad with their little girl or their little boy,” he says. “There’s just something that’s super special about that. A lot of people are going to take this as, this song is about wanting to have a kid, and that’s a small element of it. But to me it’s more of that person that you find so amazing that you hope that when you have a kid, they turn out as amazing as her. That's what this new song is about.”

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"More Girls Like You" is the lead track off Moore's forthcoming third studio album Slowheart, out Sept. 8. The video also shows the star surfing — his favorite — and jamming on the beach with an acoustic guitar and getting some dance lessons on the streets of Costa Rica.

Moore says his new album will be a discovery process for fans. “This is hands down my favorite body of work I’ve been a part of,” he admits. “I’ve been writing this record in secret for the last year. I’m always trying to play new songs and I’ve played the entire ‘Wild Ones’ record before it even came out. This one, I’ve held my cards tight. There’s a couple I’ve played out but for the most part this record is going to be a complete discovery process.”

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