Kip Moore's new 'Young Love' video tells the story of two lovers who battle through obstacles -- and parental disapproval -- to make their white-hot romance work. Told through the eyes of the nostalgic singer, the circle-of-life song strikes a chord with anyone who has broken a rule to do what feels right.

"Young love will not be denied," director Peter Zavadil says in this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip.

"So they find a way to stay together and keep connecting and that turns into an eternal love,” he adds before one of the signature shots of the video is shown.

The song is the debut track from Moore's sophomore album and follow-up to 'Up All Night.' It's a big start to 2014 for the singer. In addition to the new music and new music video, he's been chosen as a semi-finalist for the ACM New Artist of the Year award. Fans can vote here through 3PM ET on February 4.