'American Idol' top two finalist Kree Harrison performed Sarah McLachlan's iconic hit 'Angel' on the show on Wednesday night (May 15), delivering another uniquely powerful performance on the final night of the competition before the season 12 finale.

Series creator Simon Fuller chose the song for Harrison, and it ended up being a close fit for her vocal abilities. She delivered it in a slightly countrified version -- not that it was a straight country rendition, but she definitely threw in a few vocal choices that were different from McLachlan's original.

Harrison seemed somewhat nervous, but grew visibly more confident as the song progressed. She employed a slightly breathier part of her upper range that is an interesting contrast to the power she often displays in that register, showing yet another facet of her remarkable voice.

Despite her performance, the judges seemed to lean toward fellow finalist Candice Glover in the first round of Wednesday's competition.

Watch Kree Harrison Sing 'Angel' on 'American Idol'

Kree Harrison 1st song, Season Finale... by HumanSlinky

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