Kyle Park's new single, 'The Night Is Young,' is as straight forward of a country song as you'll find. Park sets off to tell a simple one-night story of a guy, a girl and a little trouble, and does so effortlessly. The Texas country singer has surrounded himself with a strong production team to make the first single from an upcoming new album easy to remember. 

Park's voice is warm without being soft. There's a scratch of gravel in his throat as he tells his story.

"We're two perfect strangers with no expectations and nothing important to say / I don't hardly know you but I'd love to hold you and I hope that you feel the same way / Tonight we can make our own rules / Girl we ain't got a thing to lose," he sings to open the song. Dramatic chord changes grab our attention before he even begins.

Steel guitar and a staccato guitar riff provide texture that is so often missing when an artist aims for the middle. Just because we hear the same stories over and over again in country music doesn't mean they can't be told differently each time. The Austin, Texas native seems to understand that.

The chorus goes: "The night is young / And so are we / We got nothing but time and there's no place that we gotta be / So take my hand / And a chance on me / Cause the night is young / And so are we."

The new album will be Park's fourth full-length studio release. He's landed Top 5 hits on the Texas radio charts, and 'The Night is Young' should meet little resistance in being his next. It's a professional effort made to look easy.

4 Stars

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