Whitney Houston’s funeral takes place today (Feb. 18) and the news of the pop diva’s death has rippled through the entire music community for the past week. Even Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott is feeling the effects of the tragic loss. Scott admitted that she especially felt Houston’s death hanging in the air at last week’s 2012 Grammy Awards ceremony. The female voice of Lady A, who picked up the Country Album of the Year statue for ‘Own the Night,’ said the feeling of sadness was palpable through and through.

"You felt it, and you saw it," Scott acknowledged in a chat with Zap2It. "When Jennifer Hudson performed, she just pulled your heart out, it was so gorgeous. I just think music will never be the same. It's just like when any huge legend passes; luckily, we have their voices and their music and their records that will live on forever, but it was such a tragic loss. And she was so young.”

Scott offered up a beautiful eulogy-type statement for Houston, saying, “There is a hole in the heart of music, that's really the best way I can put it.”

That’s a simple yet wholly effective way to encapsulate how artists across all genres are feeling as the reality of Houston’s death sinks in.

Scott continued, “She was the type of artist where that hole will never be filled by anybody else. She has her own piece of real estate, and she will forever have it. There was a sadness at the Grammys, for sure ... but at the same time, it was a celebration of her life and accomplishments, and what in my opinion was her supernatural ability to sing. That's how I want angels to sing in heaven, like she did."