Two of country's biggest trios -- Lady Antebellum and the Band Perry -- are listed among nearly 200 names of people that President Obama hopes will endorse his re-election bid. The list of surrogates includes figures from the sports, entertainment and celebrity worlds that the President and his team would like to come aboard to support him publicly.

The Tennesseean did a little sleuthing and found out that neither Lady A nor the Perry siblings have agreed to offer their hoped for support. Furthermore, neither threesome looks to be doing so in the future, either.

Lady A's PR rep told the paper that "the members of Lady Antebellum did not submit their name for inclusion on the surrogate list for Obama’s campaign." She also expressed surprise, since "the band has never commented on their political affiliations nor do they plan to in the future." The same goes for the Band Perry, who performed at the White House on Nov. 21, but have not publicly endorsed any candidates -- nor will they.

Even so, the surrogate list is merely a wish list for the campaign. Just because a band's name or a person's name appears on it does not mean that they have agreed to participate or have even been contacted.

Addie Whisenant, an Obama campaign spokeswoman, clarified that fact, saying, “This was a wish list of people and groups who may be asked to participate in a campaign event." She also stated that "not everyone on this list has been contacted or agreed to help the campaign. We’ve already received robust support and participation from surrogates across the country, and that will only ramp up in 2012."

Whisenant did not reveal who is confirmed, who has passed or who has been approached to support the campaign. But it appears that there are two names that can already be crossed off the list.