In early January, when a performance video that unintentionally emphasized her derrière went viral on TikTok, Lainey Wilson laughed it off.

"I can't even scroll on TikTok on my For You page without seeing my fat butt on everything," she said in a dry social media response at the time. "Whatever brings the people in! But I'm just lettin' y'all know, go check out my record Bell Bottom Country. Happy to have you either way. However you found me, I'm happy. Happy you're here."

Even so, the singer couldn't help but be a little taken aback by the attention — and the sheer number of views — on her rear-end. Still an up-and-coming country star, Wilson was just getting used to the success of hits like "Things a Man Oughta Know" and "Heart Like a Truck," and had recently broken ground on a whole new level of visibility with her acting debut in the massively popular TV series Yellowstone.

"I definitely went down the rabbit hole reading comments," she admits to Billboard in an interview surrounding her recent Billboard Women in Music Rulebreaker Award.

"A year and a half ago, people didn't give a rat's a-- to say something bad about me. Now, the more well-known you are, the more negative comments you're going to get," the star goes on to say. "The reason why I take it so personal is because I do believe that words are powerful."

But Wilson didn't dwell in the negativity for too long. She took back control of the butt-focused runaway narrative with a short series of humorous social media posts responding to women who'd seen the video, and responded with posts flaunting their own generous rear-ends.

"Mama and daddy didn't tell me I had another sister," she replied in one humorous reaction. "Yeah, we definitely kin. I'm 'bout to call mama."

Wilson will continue her headlining Country With a Flare Tour through March, and she's also booked to join Luke Combs' 2023 World Tour later in the year.

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