Country newcomers Lanco have released the pop-friendly “Long Live Tonight” as their debut single on Arista Nashville. The anthemic rocker is an immediate standout. Sonically, this group of five men ride in a lane without much traffic.

A pop-rock band like Arcade Fire is the closest we've come to nailing a comparison. It remains to be seen if other songs on the group’s upcoming project reflect this progressive sound, but “Long Live Tonight” is filled with moody urgency, performed with heavy doses of optimism. The song is a lasting caffeine high, as opposed to the sugary-sweet jolt left by others tied to pop music. Lead singer Brandon Lancaster is a vocalist few will confuse with anyone else in Nashville.

“Long Live Tonight” is a tightly-produced single that hits with every lyric and guitar riff. Lanco relies on the music as much as the story. Producer Jay Joyce lends his signature, avant garde sound, but it’s as polished, tucked and sorted as he’s every been. The keyboard introduction is hardly Big Nashville, but far from reckless. Guitar riffs that swirl about through most of the song get a chance to star late in the three-and-a-half minute love song.

Different is good right now in country music, and Lanco's "Long Live Tonight" is as edgy as any single released in 2016.

Listen to Lanco, “Long Live Tonight”

Lanco, “Long Live Tonight” Lyrics:

“Put your phone away, I know you want to check it / This is one of those nights and I don’t want to wreck it / With distractions and worries ‘bout what all could go wrong tomorrow / Just live in this moment and know that there’s no time to borrow.”

“It’s a crazy, crazy world out there / But baby, baby don’t be scared / ‘Cause I got you and you got me / We can set each other free / One day, one day when we’re old / We’ll look back, look back and we’ll know / We always kept our dreams alive / Loved and laughed until we cried / Ruled the streets until the morning light / Singin’ long live tonight / Singin’ long live tonight.”

“I know an old spot, it ain’t that cool / But they got a little dance floor we can act like fools / We’ll ask the DJ to play every song from the 90’s / We’ll tear it up till the sun starts to rise and it’s blinding.”

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