Country singer Walker Hayes has strong opinions on Star Trek, kids' television shows and tattoos, and he didn't hesitate to share during this round of Last Question.

The "You Broke Up With Me" singer was headed to his next interview when Taste of Country cornered him with questions about his celebrity crush, what he wishes he knew at age 15 and things he hopes to teach his kids. All of his answers are practical, and at least one is sure to cause a furor in some circles. Both Star Trek and Star Wars are for nerds? Come on, Walker!

Other things we learned? Hayes' dad is his biggest inspiration, having kids is the coolest thing he's done and he can sing the theme song to Caillou like nobody's business. Crack open a cold bottle of water with the 37-year-old and enjoy this round of the fastest paced micro-interview series in country music.

Hayes is enjoying a second chance in country music, as he was once signed to UMG Nashville but the record deal didn't lead to any hit songs. His progressive mix of country, hip-hop and R&B started to catch the ears of many in country music with the release of his 8Tracks albums. 8Tracks, Vol. 2: Break the Internet is a great place to begin on streaming sites.

Look for Hayes on tour with Thomas Rhett this fall. Ania Hammar is the host of Last Question, ToC's new feature that allows artists to talk about things fans always wanted to know, but were too embarrassed to ask.

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