There's a new digital space for 'Cooter County' fans to congregate and that's at the brand-new, official website, which you can bookmark by going here. Singer/actress Laura Bell Bundy is the genius behind the society in the web series and she is expanding with a real, live website.

If you'd like to escape from whatever county or town you currently reside in and would like to get to know Cooter County residents, such as public access show host Euneeda Biscuit or salon owner Shocantelle Brown, then you need to spend some time exploring the site or reading the Cooter County Examiner! Fans of the web series can also become a resident on the wacky town and can purchase some exclusive 'Cooter County' merchandise.

"I needed to have a town that characters lived in, like Faulkner created a county that all characters in his books lived in," Bundy explains, saying co-creator Sam Easley encouraged her with the web series. While 'Cooter County' isn't on the same serious literature level as the work of William Faulkner, it's still a fun place to hang in the digital world!

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