Broadway actress and country artist Laura Bell Bundy faced Father's Day (June 17) with a heavy heart, as she shared with fans that her father, Don Bundy, is currently fighting for his life.

Despite the dire circumstances and her father's fragile health, Bundy chose to focus on the positive.

"As I’m processing this ... I can’t help but feel grateful for the man he is and the father he’s has been to me," Bundy writes in an Instagram post on Sunday (June 17) alongside a pic of her and her father at the singer's 2017 wedding to husband Thom Hinkle.

"Yes, riding the waves, bike rides, boat rides, ‘ridge riding’ (getting in the car with a suitcase and then deciding where we are going), walks on the beach, learning my ABCs on the swing set at the park, picking sour apples from the tree on the way to the park while I sat on his shoulders, him giving me math problems to figure out in the car, feeding the ducks at the lake, and the seagulls on the sand, and watching him name birds and plants everywhere we went, hitting the dance floor any chance we could, watching the discovery channel, history channel ... talking about the wonders of the universe ..." she continues, "Him knowing every bit of useless information and being most proud of me, not for the work I got but for how I negotiated when I got that work."

Known in the country music world for songs "Giddy on Up," "Two Step" and "Drop on By," Bundy has been focused more on her acting career as of late and continues to appear in a number of television shows and musicals.

But right now, her thoughts remain firmly affixed on her dad.

"The most important thing my father taught me ... the greatest gift ... was encouraging me to know and understand myself, and to ask the bigger questions in life: ‘what’s the meaning of life?’” she says. "He asked me when I was 5 ... I’ve never stopped searching. I’ve never stopped learning for a second. He taught me to be an active student and participant on this planet ... (and hopefully beyond the planet) ... His depth and his soulfulness are the most precious to me ... And I know we are mates of the soul. Forever."

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