Laura Bell Bundy's video for her latest single 'Two Step' is all a group of girls letting loose together. Shot in a mechanic's garage, Bundy and her female friends earn their own paycheck and then party their way after they're off the clock.

In the video, Bundy and a handful of other ladies are dressed like mechanics. The opening shots shows them working on heavy machinery in a garage until it's time to punch out for the day. The ladies clock out, but then one by one they sneak into the ladies' bathroom to hide from their boss.

Once they're hidden from their boss'sprying eyes, the girls ditch their work uniforms and get all dolled up. They do each other's hair, slip on high heels and perfect their makeup before opening the garage door of the shop and letting a bunch of people in for a party.

Of course, a music video for a song called 'Two Step' wouldn't be complete without a little dancing. The ladies put on a few choreographed numbers at the party, and before long, all of their guests have joined in on the line dancing.

Near the end of the three-minute clip, Colt Ford shows up to contribute his rapping skills to the mix. At that point, things go from country to ... something else. Party-goers start break dancing, and the video closes out with Bundy and her girls two-stepping for the cameras.

Overall, the 'Two Step' video is a fun new take on a classic country dance.



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