Lauren Alaina may have messed up the lyrics to the National Anthem at the Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers game on Thanksgiving day, but she was just thankful that she didn't fall. The 17-year-old singer slipped while singing a line in the 'Star Spangled Banner,' and like a true professional, humbly picked up the pieces and finished the song.

Alaina made it through the first line of the patriotic tune without fail, but following "What so proudly we hailed," she seemed to forget the words for a second, which resulted in a loud rumble from the crowd. But the 'American Idol' runner-up didn't let it get her down -- she closed out the song with grace and gratitude, and like announcer Joe Buck said as she wrapped up, "it's all about how you finish."

Following the game, the young country star even took to Twitter to own up to her mistake. She tweeted, "Thank you everyone for the kind words. But the truth is I messed up. I'm gonna spend the rest of the day being thankful for all my blessings."

She must have received quite a bit of backlash, especially given that it was Thanksgiving Day, but fellow 'Idol' alum Kellie Pickler quickly came to the young singer's rescue. "IN A TIME WHERE BULLYING IS AT ITS WORST I'M SO DISAPPOINTED THAT GROWN MEN & WOMEN ARE RIPPING APART A 17YR OLD," Pickler tweeted angrily. "WHEN PEOPLE FALL YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO HELP THEM UP, NOT KICK EM' FURTHER DOWN. DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU. BE KIND."

The 'Best Days of Your Life' hitmaker even sent Alaina a direct message to let her know she was thinking of her. "HEY DOLL! YOU HANDLED YOURSELF LIKE A PRO! SEND THE BULLIES MY WAY & I'LL TELL EM' WHERE TO GO! XO : )," she said, though Alaina assured her that she's a big girl and the minor scrape won't leave a scar. She replied, "thank you so much(: I'm not a robot. I have No excuses. I messed up. You know what can ya do. At Least didn't fall down again."

We're thrilled that Alaina was able to make light of the situation, and of course, the 'Like My Mother Does' singer wasn't the first -- nor will she be the last -- to get nervous and slip in front of a crowd. By the next time it happens, her flub will be long forgotten!

Watch Lauren Alaina Perform the National Anthem

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