Time and time again, country artists reiterate that St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a happy place. Singer Leah Turner confirms that in her own experience visiting patients -- it truly is a place that's brimming with happiness.

The 'Take the Keys' singer explains, "It's a place that you wouldn't think is full of happiness, but once you walk into those walls, it is full of happiness."

It's a feeling and attitude reflected not only in the hardworking medical staff, but also the kids staying at the Memphis research hospital. Adds Turner, "I had the opportunity to meet a young man named Josiah who was just full of laughter and smiles -- and all he wants to do is just grow up."

'What do you want to be when you grow up?' is a common question for little kids to answer, but so many patients like Josiah are simply looking forward to growing up. With the help of Taste of Country readers, more children can be given the opportunity to receive excellent, loving, laughter-filled treatment at St. Jude.

"It's a wonderful organization full of love, laughter and it's saving kids lives," the country singer urges.

This week, Taste of Country is making an effort to raise money for St. Jude. For 25 years, country radio, artists and record labels have helped raise more than $500 million, ensuring that no one ever pays a dime for treatment at St. Jude.

“No child should die in the dawn of life,” founder Danny Thomas once said. Help make that wish a reality by making a donation or becoming a Partner in Hope when you click the button below. Donations can be made by phone at 800-411-9898.

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