LeAnn Rimes is currently splitting her time between Chicago and L.A. while her husband Eddie Cibrian films his new show, 'The Playboy Club.' Despite leaving the glare of Hollywood and the constant paparazzi flashbulbs behind, Rimes and Cibrian remain in the spotlight, and have become local celebs who are written about every time they step out in the Windy City.

Apparently, you can escape the epicenter of fame, but not fame itself. In a recent chat with US99 Country Radio, Rimes talked about how the tabloids manufacture stories about her, but she's used to it, having grown up famous.

Rimes signed her first record deal at the age of 11. "I did lose a lot of my childhood," she mused about becoming so famous so fast and so young. "A lot of things were lost and taken away since I was working all the time."

However, Rimes has no regrets -- and she's making up for lost time now! But she certainly believes child stars should not squander their talents because of the trappings of fame. She said, "But it's a gift. It's something that you nurture, but as long as kids can be kids, we have plenty of time to be adults in life."

Rimes also beamed with excitement about her new album, the long-time-in-the-making 'Lady and Gentlemen,' which is a unique take on a cover album. Rimes said, "The music is all cover songs but all of them were originally recorded by men ... But not from a woman's perspective. We paid homage to the originals, but I twisted everything in a way to make it my own." In addition to putting the patented LeAnn Rimes spin on the songs, she tries new things on the forthcoming record. "I sing in Spanish on the record," she said. "I don't think there has been a covers record made like this."

Neither do we! 'Lady and Gentlemen' is due out September 27.