LeAnn Rimes took a tumble while snowboarding in Aspen, Colo. on Sunday, and now, the singer says, her knee is black and -- wait for it -- 'Blue.'

Rimes shared the details of her less-than-stellar snowboarding skills via Twitter. "OK, so I'm snowboarding and learning new things and I'm getting it! Every once in a while I'll catch an edge and bust my A$$! My knees are taking a beating cause I'm learning my toe edge," she said. "I am in SOOOOOO much pain right now, but it's all worth it. I'm getting much better! ICE PLEASE ... NOW! I have an egg like looking thing on my left knee."

The country singer had been vacationing in Colorado with fiance Eddie Cibrian. In addition to the gruesome details of her fall, 28-year-old Rimes requested general help from anyone who might be reading. "OMG, please get me Advil and maybe a shot or tequila! I had butt pads on, but OF COURSE opted out of THE KNEE PADS today : ) DUMB."

Rimes followed up this morning with an update: "Happy Monday! Time for Coffeeeee! Pain meds have made me groggy : ( Knee is looking SUPER hot!"

How about a picture, LeAnn? We'd love to see it!