LeAnn Rimes is changing her life in many ways. Some of the changes are big, while others are small but worthwhile. After checking into a treatment center last month in order to deal with some personal drama and to learn to better cope with and manage her stress, the singer isn't stopping there. The active tweeter shared a photo showing off her new hairstyle. It's not a drastic change, but she looks great nonetheless.

Rimes tweeted: " My dark side.... A little change :)"

Her normally golden locks appear slightly darker and warmer, which is a smart move for the incoming fall months and cool weather. The cut is a bit shorter, grazing her shoulders. Her honeyed strands are bouncier and have a swing to the ends. All in all, it's a good look for her, and it's a soft and subtle change that warms up her complexion.

Rimes continued to perform while working out her issues. A small change to her physical appearance can certainly help augment the continued process of getting herself in her the best mental shape possible.