LeAnn Rimes has had a rough couple of months, but it looks like things are turning around for the country singer. This week, Rimes performed 'Just a Girl Like You' from her new album 'Spitfire' on 'The View,' also chatting briefly about the drama surrounding her relationship with her hubby's ex-wife.

If you've been hiding under a rock somewhere, allow us to fill you in: Rimes and her husband, Eddie Cibrian, didn't get together under the most ideal circumstances. In fact, Rimes and Cibrian were both married to other people before they left their partners to start a life together.

Cibrian's ex-wife, 'Real Housewives' star Brandi Glanville, hasn't taken to Rimes very kindly over the past few years. Glanville has openly called Rimes "unstable" and she has accused her of suffering from an eating disorder.

In spite of the drama, Rimes has been working hard to overcome these family issues and focus her attention on her career. Many of the songs on 'Spitfire' were inspired by Rimes' complicated feelings about her initial relationship with Cibrian and other difficulties that she has experienced as a result of the affair.

Now that she's focusing on her career, Rimes told 'The View' host Barbara Walters that she's glad people are starting to move on. After all, Rimes and Cibrian have been happily married for a few years now.

"I'm glad the conversation is changing," she said. "Yes, I'm approaching these topics through my music, but at the same time, it's not just the specific situations -- these are real human emotions."

'Spitfire' is a heavily emotional album that deals with some very heavy themes. Specifically, the song 'Borrowed' provides a detailed look into Rimes' conflicting emotions during her affair with Cibrian.

"For the first time, I'm approaching music differently -- from a human perspective," Rimes explained. "People have always known me for my voice, but they have never really gotten to know me."

Rimes added that she takes "full responsibility" for her mistakes, but she also acknowledges that the media's version of her story has been "very skewed."

In addition to chatting about her personal experiences, the blonde songstress performed 'Just a Girl Like You,' a song seemingly about Glanville.