LeAnn Rimes suffers from the jaw disorder Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome, also known as TMJ, and unfortunately, it flared up recently, causing her to shorten a concert.

The songstress was playing at the Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma on Saturday (March 22), but at the end of her set, heard her jaw pop, messing with the hearing in her left ear and leaving her in some pain.

Sadly for fans, that meant she couldn't belt out any songs for the encore -- a jaw that's popped out of place will certainly quiet any singer! Rimes tweeted her apologizes for cutting her show short and not venturing back onstage for a finale:

Rimes has had a rough year of some physical ailments in addition to the TMJ. At the end of February, the 'Gasoline and Matches' singer ended up in the hospital due to awful stomach issues, and she live tweeted her experience while sitting in the hospital bed. While in Dublin in September, Rimes had a coughing fit that turned into a hospitalization along with a painful shot in her derrière.

Hopefully, the star's jaw will be feeling better soon, and she'll give another jaw-dropping concert -- without all the pain!

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