When LeAnn Rimes wed Eddie Cibrian in April, not only did she take on the title of wife, but also a "Bonus Mom" to the actor's two sons. Rimes says the plunge into raising two young boys has shaped her current life, as well as changed her outlook on the future.

"Going from having no kids and being totally focused on my career to having to juggle two careers with my husband and me, then his children [who were0 at the time a 2-year-old and 6-year-old ... It’s been like insta-mom," Rimes tells Taste of Country with laughter. "I love it. I love watching them grow … I love being a part of teaching them and loving them. They’re my husband’s children, and they’re part of him, so I love them just as much as I love him. It definitely has been an eye-opener, being an only child and having to always put myself first and my career first. My priorities have changed tremendously. I really kind of work my life around them and him, and I like that."

"I like being the supportive mom/bonus mom," she continues. "I’ve never had that role … taking care of school lunches and making sure you’re there on back-to-school night and knowing what they’re in [with] their homework … I’m always there. I don’t want Eddie to ever feel like he’s a single parent. I’m just as much there as he is. He is very supportive of that role for me, too, and always wanting to be there. We’re all one big family. The kids are amazing, and they have changed my life tremendously. My life has spun around and done a 180 in the last couple of years [laughs]! I’m in a really good place, and who knows what life is going to bring in the next few years."

Rimes is also "in a really good place" with her career. Earlier this week, she released her latest album, 'Lady and Gentlemen.' The album contains covers of country classics originally performed by men. The collection of tunes also features a remake of her 1996 debut single, 'Blue,' as well as her current single, 'Give.'