Lee Brice will marry to his longtime girlfriend Sara Reeveley in April, and when they go away for their honeymoon, the 'Hard to Love' singer says he wants a trip that will be a big surprise for his soon-to-be-wife.

The couple have already been together 14 years, and they have a 4-year-old son together, so it'll be a little bit harder to spring anything on her -- especially since the singer doesn't really know quite what he wants to do.

"Actually, I haven't quite got that nailed down yet," Brice tells Country Countdown USA (quote via the Boot). "I'm a last-minute kind of guy, but I promise you it'll be fun. I think I'm gonna surprise her, but I'm hesitating because she's a picky kind of person. Not that she's gonna be picky, but I got to think because I want her to enjoy it. I want to take her someplace she's never been, so that will be a different kind of vacation spot."

As he told Taste of Country last year, Brice is planning to take off the entire month of April to clear the way for his wedding, a long honeymoon, and some time to settle in at home before getting back to work.

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