'Whiskey Used to Burn' closes Lee Brice's 'I Don't Dance' album. It's one of the more powerful songs on the project, but in terms of production, it's one of the most remarkable. A good portion was literally recorded on the South Carolina singer's cell phone.

Brice explains in this Walmart Soundcheck video that he and songwriters Rob Hatch and Lance Miller penned the song during Jerrod Niemann's album release party. They were sitting around a picnic table and needed to save their rough cut.

“And during this work tape, there’s kids running around and there’s screen doors squeaking open,” Brice says. “We had no idea until we listened back to it. This work tape, it was magic. There’s this life in it!”

The song has a nostalgic feel to it. It's a ballad about life's great firsts. Brice and his band recorded the song live in the studio, but it was missing something.

“I missed those kids talking in the background and I missed those doors squeaking and the wind blowing," he says. “So what you’re hearing on the record, the first half of it is the work tape, and then it morphs into the studio version.”

'I Don't Dance' is in stores now. Watch Lee Brice's full Walmart 'Soundcheck' here.

Get a Taste of Lee Brice's Walmart Soundcheck Performance

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