If you're not smiling while you're listening to Levon's "Ms. Marianne," you're probably sleeping. The charming country debut from a talented trio is infectious and sharp.

It's country music's "Stacy's Mom" with steel guitar and a unique storyline. Phrases like "Chardonnay flirtin'" and the final lines of the second verse are signature lyrics, but really it's the full story that good-time country fans will love, even if it makes them feel a little uncomfortable. Hey, not everyone is down with the reality of a cougar situation!

Singer Michael David Hall leads the story, but listen a few more times to appreciate his brothers in harmony. The layers of this uptempo, purposely frivolous country cut help weave it into the layers of your brain. You won't forget "Ms. Marianne" soon, which was probably her intent.

Did You Know?: Levon is made up of Michael David Hall, Jake Singleton and Ryan Holladay.

Listen to Levon, "Ms. Marianne" 

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Levon's "Ms. Marianne" Lyrics:

I was busy flunking out of my third year of college / Working hard tending bar, soaking up all the knowledge / You could find serving wine to the ladies at Francesca’s porch / She walked in with her friends, they were mad celebrating / 20 years of marriage to an ex she called Satan / So I poured her a shot and I walked it across the floor / And the ladies all roared.

Ms. Marianne (C’mon and do it, you know you want to do it now) / C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, Ms. Marianne (C’mon and do it, you know you want to do it now).

After 2 lunch hours all her friends were deserting / She walked up to the bar and started Chardonnay flirting / Said, you probably can't tell it but you're / Half the age I am / She said, boy, you're a flavor that I’ve never picked / But if you were on the end of the popsicle stick / I would eat you up as you melted all over my hand / I said, yes ma’am.

My mind began to race / As the blood rushed to my face / When she smiled at me ‘cause I didn’t know what to say / I was still thinking over the offer she was making / She was every boys dream, so breath-taking and I was holding that thought / As her friends pulled her away / I said I wish you’d stay.

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