Lindsay Ell is a pretty cool customer, but she admits she got a little overwhelmed when she got the chance to meet John Mayer.

Ell is a longtime Mayer fan, and when she teamed up with Kristian Bush to produce her new solo album, The Project, his first assignment was for her to re-record her favorite album, Mayer's Continuum, in its entirety. The lessons she learned about arranging and layering instruments in the studio carried forward into her own project, but Ell tells Taste of Country Nights that she not only didn't mention that to Mayer when she met him, she didn't even mention that she's a recording artist.

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"I did get to met him, but I was scared," she says. "I never get star fright or whatever it's called, ever. But I've just looked up to him so much from his musicality and his songwriting ability, so to be able to meet him, I wasn't gonna be like, 'Hey, I recorded one of your records, you've inspired me so much.' I was just like, 'Hey, I'm Lindsay,' and we took a picture.'"

Ell did ask Mayer a question about a specific guitar effect he used on a certain song, and was thrilled when he gave her a detailed answer. She just didn't want to force a conversation about her re-recording of Continuum, which she plans to release publicly at some point after her album cycle is over.

"If he does hear it one day, I want him to find it on is his own merit."

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