Lindsay Ell's 'Shut Me Up' lyric video, premiering exclusively for Taste of Country readers, is a written warning for any guy who thinks they can cross this sassy singer.

Shot completely in black and white, the clip begins with a high-heeled foot stomping to the beat of the music, and soon a profile of Ell appears. Throughout the video, the country songstress yells into a megaphone, jams on her guitar and tosses her hair in fury as she sings about her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her.

The 'Shut Me Up' lyrics are scrawled across the screen in bold black and white lettering, with several words popping out in magenta and purple. Ell is dressed simply in a tight white tank top and huge silver earrings, looking like a girl any guy would hate to lose.

Although it's mainly a lyric video, Ell shows plenty of sass. Her personality shines brightly in this music video and sends a message loud and clear: "If you’re gonna kiss, I’m gonna tell.”

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