Lindsay Ell doesn’t play nice in ‘Shut Me Up.’ This revenge anthem is paired with loud electric guitars and a thundering rhythm section to create a very commanding country single.

Nothing about ‘Shut Me Up’ says "please" or "thank you," and that’s probably why fans will love it. Her first single ‘Trippin’ on Us’ was a sweet introduction, but we get a look at Ell’s feisty side here.

You can’t shut me up / Can’t hush my mouth / I’ll bang a drum I’ll be so loud / You can’t cover up the truth with duct tape / Boy it’s gonna hit you like an earthquake,” Ell sings at the chorus. “Gonna sound like thunder from your rooftop / All day, all night can’t make me stop / I’m a siren that you can’t unplug, no you can’t shut me up.”

The singer’s shouts and fits of anger are plenty melodical, proving she’s more than just a hot temper with a microphone. It’s not clear if she’s responsible for the guitar licks, but the Canadian is more than capable. From the first notes, the production matches her message.

The second verse goes:

“I’m gonna tell your mama what you did, you did / Gonna tell the preacher too / The other girl you’ve been foolin’ foolin’ / Is gonna know how you do / If you need a reminder you’ll be the headliner / Black and white on the front page / Or just come to a show, stand in any row and I’ll be singing it up on the stage.”

Ell is one of country music’s most exciting young female artists — a true talent with defining stage presence. Fans will be pleasantly surprised to learn she can back up the shots she takes during this song. There's strong reason she can be the new female artist that breaks through in 2014.

Why Fans Will Love It: It's a powerful revenge story that many women dream of living.

Key Lyrics: “I’m gonna be a megaphone / Tellin’ everybody how you did me wrong / The only switch that I got is on"

Did You Know?: This Canadian has been playing guitar since age eight. She calls Shania Twain a huge influence.

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