Lindsay Ell is a force to be reckoned with; a talented singer, guitar player and songwriter. The Canadian recently stopped by to chat with us at the ToC Nights studio, opening up about putting her pen to paper and that time she played a 24-hour concert.

Ell wrote her single, "By the Way," about a real person in her life — an ex-boyfriend (and no, he's not a professional athlete).

“I feel like I’ve gotten to be really honest about writing over the past year, which I’m excited about," she explains. "It’s about a particular guy I dated a couple years ago and, you know, it’s just a girl power song. Sometimes you learn what you want in a relationship or don’t want in a relationship or you learn stuff about yourself."

The newcomer played that song — and many, many others — recently when she celebrated new music with a 24-hour concert in Nashville, for a good cause.

“I haven’t had music out for a while, and so we just thought about what we could do. I’d never heard of anyone doing a 24-hour concert before," Ell says. "I was like, ‘Alright guys if I’m going to to do something this crazy then I want to do something good. I want to be able to help somebody.' Charities for sick kids is a soft place in my heart, so we were able to raise so much money for Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, which was awesome. I was humbled."

Adds Ell, "I don’t know what was in my mind thinking I wanted to go sing and play for 24 hours straight, but so many people came down to cheer us on and bring us donuts and throw money in the guitar case for the kids, so we raised a lot of money.”

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