Little Big Town are starting their summers off right -- with a little 'Day Drinking.' The group are releasing their upcoming single on on June 3 and they compare its vibe to enjoying a few nice cold drinks on a hot summer day.

The foursome is excited about releasing a fun song that also happens to be the first single off of their upcoming album. “We are so excited to finally be putting out our new single ‘Day Drinking,’” Little Big Town's Jimi Westbrook says in a release.

Westbrook shares the songwriting creds on 'Day Drinking' with the group's Karen Fairchild and Phillip Sweet and co-writers Barry Dean and Troy Verges.

"It makes me think about those summer days when all that's on the agenda is hanging out, relaxing, and having a good time with friends. So, if that's your plan, here's your song! ‘Why don't we do a little day drinking?’.

Little Big Town were so excited they had to tease fans with a stormy little preview of the forthcoming single which will hit country radio on June 3. The video's location may look familiar -- it was shot in Watertown, TN which was where they shot for music video for their hit, 'Tornado.'

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