Sitting in traffic after a long Friday, or watching the clock tick toward 5PM sounds like the least fun way to start out your weekend. In their 'Day Drinking' video, Little Big Town encourage fans to start the party early and tip a cold one back sooner rather than later.

The video was shot in Miami, Fla. and begins with the four band members, Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Jimi Westbrook and Phillip Sweet, sitting in a convertible, stuck on the Old Port Bridge. As times goes on, fellow drivers get more and more irritated while traffic sits a complete halt. Everyone can relate to that growing feeling of impatience -- and that's where a little day drinking and spontaneous irresponsibility can come in handy.

The foursome hop out of the car and summons other drivers to follow them to the beach. Bikinis, beach volleyball and drinks are abound as everyone shakes off the work week with a little bit of lounging and a whole lot of drinking. Shots of LBT performing in front of a black and white wall in the Wynwood Arts District are interspersed throughout their beach activities.

It's a fun, summery and oh-so-irresistible music video, highlighted by lots of smiling, laughter and the catchy hit 'Day Drinking.' As Westbrook says, "It makes me think about those summer days when all that’s on the agenda is hanging out, relaxing and having a good time with friends."

The track is the lead single off the foursome's forthcoming sixth studio album, due in Fall 2014.

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